Art Stories: Brian Parks

It’s the most wonderful time of the year! With the holiday season in full swing, we’re reflecting back on this year that’s quickly drawing to a close. Art Stories has allowed us to share many inspiring tales of gifted painters, photographers, and creative minds in the Seattle area and beyond. We’re excited to announce our […]

Art Stories: Johann Klaassen

The holidays are just around the corner. We took a short pause from Art Stories due to the busy season, but we’re back this week with a fresh narrative. We’re proud to feature Johann Klaassen, a local landscape photographer, and his stunning images. His artwork effortlessly reflects a keen artistic eye and a sincere passion […]

Art Stories: Joanne Shellan

Art is often inspired by stories, whether artists draw from their own interpretation or create something entirely unique. Joanne Shellan, our next featured artist, uses the power of storytelling to connect with her audience. While oil is her preferred media, Shellan also has a natural talent for photography. Shellan is a Pacific Northwest native. She […]

Art Stories: Kristi Johnson

Our next featured artist has a gift for photography and connecting with the natural world. A true animal lover, Kristi Johnson magically captures fantastic creatures of all shapes and sizes. She specializes in equine and longhorn photography, but portrays any living, breathing critter on her ranch located in the heart of Texas. Kristi Johnson has […]

Art Stories: Rhonda Dicksion

Capturing the natural world through art often serves as inspiration for creative minds. Our featured artist this week, Rhonda Dicksion, is an accomplished colored pencil artist and an avid nature lover. She currently lives in the Cascade foothills and captures the natural beauty of her surroundings with her trusty red camera, which she later turns […]

Art Stories: Paul Franks

Travel is a wonderful source of inspiration. Many of our featured artists have been positively impacted by experiencing a foreign country’s landscapes, food, and lifestyle. Paul Franks is such an artist who draws creativity from exploring the world. He’s a talented watercolor painter who merges his passion for art, travel, and athletics to create something […]

Art Stories: Rob Tilley

October is right around the corner. It’s a full 31 days of seasonal colors, exciting festivities, and local art shows. Speaking of, our next featured artist, Rob Tilley, is participating in the Issaquah Salmon Days. Tilley is a Washington-based photographer with a passion for travel, culture, and the natural world. During college he spent a […]

Art Stories: Susan Schlepp

Our next featured “Art Stories” guest is a passionate watercolor and multimedia artist with a big heart. Born and raised in Pittsburgh, Susan Schlepp moved to the Seattle area after graduating from college. Schlepp finds inspiration from the natural world and is driven by the pure joy of artistic expression. Her artwork is a beautiful combination […]

Art Stories: Kelly Sooter

A crisp chill is starting to creep into the evening air. Leaves are on the verge of shedding their deep emerald hue. Autumn is right at our doorstep. The anticipated change of season sparked our inspiration to launch a new blog series called “Art Stories.”  We received such an enthusiastic response that we’re able to […]

Art Stories: MiYoung Margolis

As you may have heard, “Art Stories” is an exciting new blog post series we’re launching this month. Our aim is to partner with local artists and inspire the art community. We’re delighted to feature MiYoung Margolis as our first artist for September. MiYoung Margolis is a multimedia artist, designer, and international model. Her artwork […]