The Great Watermark Debate

There is much misunderstanding, and lots of debate on the value of watermarks in digital photos.   A simple definition: A watermark is a text, or graphic, placed over the photo which identifies the photographer.   Here’s some of the misunderstandings regarding watermarks: A watermark will prevent someone from stealing my photo and using it […]

New Product: Acrylic Block

We are so excited to be launching a new product… The Acrylic Block! It’s been a long time in the works and we wanted to get it just right before we launched it. It’s a unique product that creates a stunning statement in any setting. What I love most about the Acrylic Block is that not […]

The Magic of the Printed Photo

Once upon a time, all photos were printed. It was the only way to see what the camera had captured. Often, they were placed with great care into photo books or placed in positions of prominence on the refrigerator. Sometimes, they were relegated to shoe boxes to await later discovery. But always, they were printed. Today, […]