Giclée Paper Prints Part 1: Paper Types

Giclée Paper Prints: Paper Types

Giclée paper prints are a simple and elegant way to print and display your art. But wait, there are so many options! How do I choose the right paper for my print? What kind of edging should I get? Do I need to have it mounted? Laminated?

There’s no easy answer to those questions, however I’ll do my best in this blog to explain each of your options so you can decide what’s best for your unique piece of art or photograph.

Let’s tackle paper types in this first blog. I’ll go over edging, mounting and lamination in the near future:

Photo Paper Types

Photo Luster – This paper type has a semi-gloss or satin finish and has a light pebbled texture. It’s ideal for photographs and it’s textured surface keeps the glare down. This is one of our most popular papers, featuring the same pebbled surface as silver halide prints.

Photo Gloss – The glossy photo paper is similar to the paper type you would get from a photo developer. High sheen and no texture mean you need to watch out for glare, but the crispness and color accuracy is incomparable. This classic gloss photo paper provides vibrant color and clarity with a smooth texture.

Photo Metallic – This is a unique paper type; it has a metallic or pearlescent look. This photo paper has a high sheen and can cause glare but also creates an almost ethereal, yet crisply realistic print. Images with a broad color range look fantastic on this paper, as the pearlescent effect enhances the color pop!

Photo Metallic, Photo Gloss, Photo Luster Prints

Fine Art Paper Types

Enhanced Matte – This is the go-to paper for those seeking a quality flat matte surface. Enhanced Matte yields highly saturated colors while preserving highlight and shadow detail. This paper type is also the truest white and least textured of all our fine art papers.

Natural Rag – Our most popular fine art paper, Natural Rag is an archival, 100% cotton, heavyweight paper with a minimally textured surface. This paper type has a slightly warm tone, and like all our papers is acid free.

Elegance Velvet – The most textured fine art paper in our collection, it is a favorite of watercolor artists. This paper exhibits the toothy feel of a traditional hot press watercolor paper. It is a heavyweight paper with a warm white tone.

Natural Rag, Enhanced Matte, & Elegance Velvet Fine Art Papers

Eco Friendly Paper Types

Eco Bamboo – Eco friendly paper is hard to find, this 90% bamboo, 10% cotton paper is highly renewable due to bamboo’s rapid growth. By the time you receive your eco friendly prints the bamboo used to create them has already regrown. That cannot be said of papers made from other wood types. Our Eco Bamboo paper has a minimal texture and a warm tone, similar to our Natural Rag paper.

Eco Friendly Bamboo Paper

So, those are our paper types. Each one is unique and has it’s own advantages and it all depends on your personal preference, which one you choose. I do believe that whatever paper type you end up going with you will be happy with the quality and clarity of your artwork.

We would love to hear from you! Do you have any questions about these paper types that weren’t covered? Leave a comment and we’ll get back to you!