Jana Downing – Kirkland Art Walk

Jana Downing

This Friday, July 8th, we’ll be hosting another artist for the Kirkland Art Walk! This time Jana Downing and her bold and colorful paintings will be at NW Fine Art Printing’s Kirkland storefront from 5pm – 8pm.


Jana says, “I am a Seattle-based traditional fine artist, graphic designer/creative director and amateur photographer. After having spent the last 15+ years focusing primarily on my graphic design/creative direction career, I recently returned to painting after my life was jolted by an unexpected cancer diagnosis. That caused me to reevaluate the priorities in my life, realizing that I have a gift that I had been ignoring. It also woke me up to the beauty around, soaking up and cherishing every moment, and leaving me with a desire to use my gift to relay that beauty to others through my art.”
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“Before I turned to a graphic design career, I had studied fine arts in Europe and received hands-on arts instruction from some exceptional European fine artists. I found that my education there put a lot more emphasis on pure drawing skills and essential art fundamentals – an approach somewhat different than what I had experienced in my U.S. art education.  I am a firm believer that there are no mandatory rules in art  –  it is all a matter of evoking an emotional response – and that is what I do in my own art. I consider my work to be unique, surreal, spiritual, powerful, and filled with symbolism and hidden meaning.”
You can also see her work on her Facebook page and Etsy shop. Make sure to stop by NWFAP this Friday to check out Jana’s paintings!