Phone Photography: 7 Tips

From photo editing apps to clip-on lenses, phone photography is a world of it’s own. Until I recently purchased a DLSR, every photo I took was with my iPhone. Smart phones have really stepped up their game when it comes to taking quality pictures. Want to take better phone photos? Here are a few tips:


Identify Your Subject

Whether your subject is a person, a landscape or a building, it helps to identify, first and foremost, what your subject is. 



Find The Light

Much like photographing with a DSLR, light is very important in any photo. Light has the capability to create interesting lines, shadows or light flares within your photo. When it comes to natural light, typically overcast skies are favored, but sometimes a bright sunrise makes for interesting light rays and silhouettes. 



Use Accessories

There are many different accessories from lenses to mini tripods. One of my favorite accessories for my iPhone is my wide-angle lens from Moment Lens. This lens allows me to capture more of the landscape without creating major distortion in the photo.



Show Depth

Creating depth in your photo is as simple as having subjects on multiple planes. For example, if your subject is a flower, it would be great to also get the trees or other flowers in the background and/or foreground to show the context and create that depth.


Shoot From Interesting Angles

Shoot From Interesting Angles

Try to get in close and down low to your subject or step far away and up high. Try taking photos from different angles and think outside the box. Experiment with different angles until you get something you like.



Experiment With Post Processing

Apps such as VSCO, Afterlight, Camera+ and Snapseed are great tools for editing your images. I personally use VSCO and occasionally Afterlight, but there are so many photo-editing apps out there! If there are certain aspects of a photo that you couldn’t get just right in the capturing process, you’re able to edit or enhance it in post-processing. 



Print Your Photos

While posting your photos to Instagram and Facebook is great, printing your photos allows you to have your image as a tangible object. See your photo come to life by printing them at NW Fine Art Printing!