How To Arrange Prints On Your Wall

Do you have a large wall in your home that you want to fill but you’re not sure how to arrange your prints? Whether you have metal prints, canvas wraps or fine art acrylic prints, here’s a few examples of how to arrange prints on your wall!

If you have an extra large wall, then this first arrangement might be a great fit for you! You’ll need eight 8″x10″ prints and four 16″x20″ prints for this type of gallery display. This type of display could be great for hallways with tall ceilings or above a couch that has lots of space to fill.

Gallery Wall Arrangement

If you have limited wall space but still enough for a gallery arrangement, consider this second example of four 8″x10″ and one 20″x20″. This could be great for over a couch or desk!

Gallery Wall Arrangement

Sometimes you have a long hall way that is great for displaying photos or art. In that case, this third arrangement would be a great use of space!

Gallery Wall ArrangementThere are so many different ways to display your prints — we’d love to see how you display yours! Send us your photo of prints up on a wall to:, for a chance to be featured on our Facebook or Instagram!