The Artist’s List: 16 Fun Projects to Combat Writer’s Block

What does your desktop look like? Maybe there’s a pile of freshly printed photos. Or a cluster of paint brushes. Perhaps a stack of colorful paper and pens. Whatever your craft, inspiration is key. How will you turn your photos, paint, or paper into a unique work of art?

At times this simple question can seem daunting. As artists, we can get pulled into the inevitable void of creative thoughts, better known as writer’s block. In this case, the best remedy could be trying something out of the box. Here’s 16 fun project ideas sure to get the creative juices flowing. Cheers to trying something new and seeing where it takes you. Happy creating!

  1. Create a gallery wall of your favorite photos

  2. Make a travel album

  3. Send a postcard to a friend

  4. Write a letter to your future self

  5. Go for a nature walk photoshoot

  6. Snap some pictures at the next family reunion

  7. View your artwork from a different angle

  8. Draw a sketch of an old photo

  9. Experiment with calligraphy

  10. Try a new Pinterest DIY project

  11. Invent your own recipe

  12. Pick a book that you wouldn’t normally read

  13. Reread your favorite book

  14. Learn fun phrases in a foreign language

  15. Start a bullet journal

  16. Write a bucket list