Travel Photography Tips: Part One

Traveling is an eye-opening discovery of new landscapes, cultures, food, and art. I’ve traveled a fair amount with my reliable Nikon D3100 always in hand. Travel photography has allowed me to capture incredible experiences and the people I’ve met abroad. Looking back at my photos is like reliving each of those priceless moments. At times taking quality photos can seem overwhelming and the equipment cumbersome while on the road. The good news is that travel photography is easily accessible and flexible to individual traveling styles. There’s no need to sweat if you don’t have a DSLR camera. Most smartphones currently have decent cameras built in. Grab your camera and pack your bags! Here’s a few tips to taking great travel photos.

  1. Try different angles. Shooting the same subject from different perspectives gives each photo its own unique touch. You may discover that some angles work better than others.

  2. Look for the lighting. Are you shooting indoors, in natural light, in direct sunlight or in the shadows?

  3. Take time to adjust your settings. For photographers using a DSLR camera, slow down and look at your photos. You’ll likely need to adjust the aperture and shutter speed due to weather and subject changes.

  4. Find a focal point. What is the subject or focus you want to capture?

  5. Take a risk. Look for interesting subjects that you normally wouldn’t shoot. Traveling is all about branching out and trying new things.

  6. Return to a favorite spot. If you found a charming street or a stunning mountain scape that you love, try coming back at different times during the day. A photo taken midday will look extremely different than one taken at sunset.

  7. Capture the people. If you’re a portrait photographer, ask locals if you can take pictures. Portraits are a memorable reminder of the people you met along the journey.

  8. Bring the proper gear. Know the gear you’ll need for your trip. For serious landscape photographers, wide angle lenses and tripods are essential.

Northwest Scenic Photography by Megan Taylor Creative
Pink tennis shoes create an interesting focal point. Photo credit: Megan Taylor Creative
Eye-level angle gives amazing depth and focus in natural lighting. Photo credit: iStock Photos