Travel Photography Tips: Part Two

Have you ever looked back on a trip and thought regrettably to yourself, “I wish I had thought about that sooner?” I know I have. I can think of something as simple as forgetting to bring a spare battery, or even worse – completely forgetting to charge the only battery I had on hand. Last week we dove into a few hands-on travel photography tips. While taking action and practicing is a great way to improve your skills, there’s also a necessary practical side to traveling. What’s the best way to care for your camera and gear while on the go? How will you navigate the host country’s culture? Is there a way to outsmart the mass of tourists? Not to fear, we have simple answers for thinking smart and planning ahead. Here’s some practical tips for making the most of your trip.

  1. Do your research. What interests you about the host city or country? Is it the landscapes, the food, or the people? Get familiar with the culture before you go.

  2. Be prepared. For shooting in cold climates, keep an extra charged battery in your pocket. In hot climates, make sure you have your camera bag available for shaded protection.

  3. Beat the crowd. Many famous tourist sites are packed by midday. Look at the attraction schedule and see if you can go in the early morning or late evening.

  4. Wander from the crowd. Get off the beaten path and away from the typical tourist traps. You never know what you may discover.

  5. Be culturally aware. Especially for international travelers, be informed about general norms and customs. What is safe and appropriate to take a picture of? If you’re not sure, strike up a conversation with a local.

  6. Be friendly. Ask locals and other travelers about recommended sites to visit. You may discover a top-notch secret shooting spot and other priceless tips.

  7. Look for a story. How will your pictures tell a unique story about your travels?

  8. Don’t rush. Patience with light and timing is everything. A slower pace will also allow you to enjoy the moment.