12 Wedding Photography Tips

It’s that time of year again! Brides and grooms are counting down the days. Elegant invitations are sent out. Tiered cakes are taste-tested. Of the countless wedding details, what’s one of the top priorities? You guessed it. Booking the photographer. While flowers eventually wilt, photos are the lasting memories that people cherish throughout the years. Which is why finding the right photographer is such an important choice for many couples.

No pressure, right? Combine the desire to take gorgeous photos with an impossibly full summer calendar, and it’s easy to feel stressed. Not to fear! We’ve combined a list of pointers to help kick off the wedding season as smoothly as possible. While photography can be a technical process, there’s also a practical side that requires some planning (especially for weddings). Taking time to think through your game plan can make a considerable difference. Here’s 12 helpful hints to stay organized, take beautiful photos, and make the most of the season. Cheers!

Months Before: Plan Ahead

  1. Have a friendly conversation with the bride and groom. Ask them about expectations for capturing their big day. Get to know them and their story.

  2. Does the wedding have a theme? Think about how you can capture the bride and groom’s story with personal touches.

  3. Find out who will be partaking in the photoshoot. Do the bride and groom have large families? Will there be children? How many bridesmaids and groomsmen?

  4. Get organized. Plan a flexible schedule for each photo session: the bride and groom, the bridal party, close family, and extended family. Make sure you allow enough time so it’s not rushed.

  5. Know the time of day when you’ll be shooting. For beautiful portraits during harsh afternoon sunlight, find a shaded spot. Be ready to use soft flash when it gets dark.

  6. Be prepared. Pack an extra battery. Have an umbrella handy for sudden rain showers. A stuffed animal may help the little ones smile at the camera.


The Wedding Day: Go the Extra Mile

  1. Pause to check your photos and adjust your settings as you go. A quick peek could save yourself a headache down the road.

  2. Try capturing the same moment from different angles. It may be helpful to hire an assistant photographer for the day. You can’t be everywhere at once.

  3. Capture the unexpected. While posed pictures can look polished, don’t forget to snap the fun, candid moments.

  4. Look for the little details. The wedding rings. Hand written love notes. Keep an eye out for whatever makes the bride and groom’s story unique.

  5. Feel the mood of the ceremony and crowd. Snap the teary moments as well as the lively celebration from start to finish.

  6. Be fun and relaxed. The bride (or family) doesn’t need any more stress.

Shoot from different angles. This one captures the bride and groom’s personality and wedding colors. Photo credit: iStock Photos.
Pay attention to the little details like wedding rings. Photo credit: iStock Photos.