What Do I Do With My Travel Photos? 5 Fun Ideas


They say traveling opens the mind. For countless photographers this rings true. Exploring an unfamiliar land can inspire creativity and a wealth of new ideas. Whether it’s the local cuisine, the people, or the breathless landscapes and architecture, capturing these elements make the memories last a lifetime.

I think many can agree that travel photos are worth the time and energy. The big question is what do I do with all these photos? Are they currently sitting in your laptop’s photo library? Or have you already printed some pictures and stashed them in a shoe box? Sometimes a little boost of creativity is all that’s needed to find a purpose for all those pictures. Here’s 5 fun ideas to show off your favorite travel photos with style.  

Arrange a gallery wall

Find an open wall in your home, perhaps in an entryway or over a couch or fireplace mantle. Measure the space to see how much room you have available. Then ask yourself, “How many pictures do I want to hang?” If you like a fuller, busier wall then opt for several small pictures. If you prefer a simpler look then select just a couple medium or large pictures.

Once you have an idea of the look you want to achieve, select your favorite travel pictures and assign sizes. The frame styles can all match for a classy feel. Or you can “mix and match” different frames for a fun eclectic, artsy vibe.  

There’s many options for the arrangement. Place pictures in a row evenly spaced for a symmetric appearance. Bend the rules by moving pictures out of the row to keep it random. Play with different ideas until you find the best arrangement to fit your personal style.

Tip: Before you nail holes in the wall, measure and cut paper mock pictures at their actual frame sizes. Then tape them on the wall in your desired arrangement. Move them around until you find the best arrangement.

Long arrangement for 6+ small/medium prints.
Symmetrical arrangement for 5 medium/large prints.

Create a personalized display

Think about the space around you. Do you want to hang your pictures? Or do you have open countertops that call out? Look for supplies you already have on hand for inspiration. Twine, clothespins, binder clips, paint, etc. are perfect DIY craft materials. The possibilities are endless.

Hang photos with twine and binder clips for a fun display. Photo credit: Michael Sladek

Print post card greeting cards

Printing on quality materials is the best way to show off your photos. Our giclee papers are perfect for framing and creating displays. If you love sending post cards, create your own! Print your favorite travel pictures on 4 x 6 paper of your choice and use them as flat greeting cards, gift tags, gift wrapping, and more.*

Pick your favorite photos to print as post cards and DIY crafts.


Make a travel box

Do you have souvenirs from your latest trip? Decorate or find a box designated for your photos, seashells, rocks, maps, brochures, and other treasures. All your memories kept safe in one box.

Decorate a box or chest to hold your travel treasures. Photo credit: Michael Sladek

Put together a scrapbook

Create personalized pages of your favorite pictures and moments. Not only are they great for pictures, but you can display other flat items like ticket stubs and maps. We offer a variety of border options for giclee prints (1/4″, 1/2″, and 1″).

Consider different border options for your scrapbook pages.

That’s a wrap! Hopefully these ideas will inspire new projects and creativity. Start looking through your pictures and print your favorites to enjoy your own creative display. Cheers!

*We do not specialize in printing stationary. Envelopes not included.