Art Stories: Susan Schlepp

Our next featured “Art Stories” guest is a passionate watercolor and multimedia artist with a big heart. Born and raised in Pittsburgh, Susan Schlepp moved to the Seattle area after graduating from college. Schlepp finds inspiration from the natural world and is driven by the pure joy of artistic expression. Her artwork is a beautiful combination of bright colors, bold lines yet soft blending and geometric shapes, which captures the same energy from the Impressionist and Post-Impressionist eras. Every work of art captivates the viewer and tells a vibrant story.

One of Schlepp’s recent masterpieces was commissioned for the Bindal Helgeland Museum in a small Norwegian village called Terrak. “The Boy and His Boat” depicts the timeless tradition of crafting boats which is passed down from generation to generation. The vivid colors and effortless movement transport the viewer to the tiny Fjord village. “New Beginnings” is another stunning piece inspired by the Norwegian lifestyle and culture, which was painted in Oslo.

Schlepp is actively engaged in the local art community and beyond. She finds joy in painting as well as donating her proceeds to charitable organizations and nonprofits. Schlepp has raised over $5,000 for local and nationwide organizations, such as Water for People, the Nature Conservancy, UNICEF, the Seattle Humane Society, and many more. Her artwork is currently on display in the lobby of IRG Physical Therapy in Sammamish. You can also find her paintings at Nektar the Fresh Juice Bar in Issaquah and Mazaj Cafe in Auburn. There’s several upcoming events this fall, so take a peek at her website for more details.

The Boy and His Boat 2017
New Beginnings 2017
Susan in Portugal








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