Art Stories: Rob Tilley

October is right around the corner. It’s a full 31 days of seasonal colors, exciting festivities, and local art shows. Speaking of, our next featured artist, Rob Tilley, is participating in the Issaquah Salmon Days. Tilley is a Washington-based photographer with a passion for travel, culture, and the natural world. During college he spent a great deal of time developing prints and sharpening his photography skills. After graduation, he decided to take a steady job in the finance industry, but never gave up his love for photography. Tilley decided to take the leap of faith and quit his finance job to become a full-time photographer. He’s run his own small photography business ever since 2002.

International travel has greatly influenced Tilley’s artwork. He became intrigued with the Japanese culture and lifestyle after visiting Japan in his teens. In college he majored in East Asian Studies and eventually lived in Japan off and on for about 15 years. An important motto that Tilley learned while living abroad is that “less is more.” Keeping this to heart, he finds beauty and inspiration in pure simplicity. Now that his business has grown, Tilley plans photography trips throughout the year in search of new landscapes.

Rob Tilley’s artwork is currently on display at the Parklane Gallery in downtown Kirkland. His photographs have been published for several big names such as Microsoft, Fuji Film, Nature’s Best, Northwest Travel and many more. He will be participating in the Issaquah Salmon Days the first weekend of October. Enjoy the food, fun, and music while supporting local artists like Tilley! Please visit his website for more details.


Issaquah Salmon Days

Issaquah, WA

October 7-8th 10 am to 6 pm

Japanese Maple Tree, Arboretum, Seattle, WA
Under the Pier, La Jolla, CA
The talented Rob Tilley





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