Art Stories: Paul Franks

Travel is a wonderful source of inspiration. Many of our featured artists have been positively impacted by experiencing a foreign country’s landscapes, food, and lifestyle. Paul Franks is such an artist who draws creativity from exploring the world. He’s a talented watercolor painter who merges his passion for art, travel, and athletics to create something truly unique.

Paul Franks’ love for art stems back to his childhood. Growing up he spent his free time drawing and sketching. In high school he took several architectural drafting courses, which inspired him to pursue a degree in architecture at Washington State University. Franks sharpened his artistic skills through architectural sketching assignments and fine art courses. During his senior year, a visiting professor began to mentor Franks. The professor also happened to be a seasoned artist and exposed Franks to the world of watercolor art. After graduation, he took a job at a prestigious architectural firm in Portland, OR and gained years of hands-on experience. He now runs his own architectural firm in Bellevue, WA.

Aside from his thriving architecture career, Paul Franks is an avid travel cyclist. He and his wife have cycled thousands of miles through the European countryside, inhaling the rich culture and natural beauty of France and Italy. He sketches the places that he visits and turns them into carefully crafted watercolor masterpieces. Franks’ paintings capture the light, depth, movement, and characteristic charm of each town or village that he stumbles upon. Although passionate about international travel, he also paints local landscapes that beautifully capture the Pacific Northwest.

Paul Franks is opening an art gallery in his architectural firm in mid October. The gallery will display his collection of watercolor paintings and sketches. If you love international travel and art, this is one you don’t want to miss! Please visit his website for more details.

Red Barn at Snoqualmie River 2017
Tree Canopy at Rieux-Minervois 2017
Paul Franks on one of his cycling adventures










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