Art Stories: Rhonda Dicksion

Capturing the natural world through art often serves as inspiration for creative minds. Our featured artist this week, Rhonda Dicksion, is an accomplished colored pencil artist and an avid nature lover. She currently lives in the Cascade foothills and captures the natural beauty of her surroundings with her trusty red camera, which she later turns into colored pencil masterpieces.

Dicksion’s colored pencil art is incredibly colorful, precise, and detailed. The viewer feels invited to walk into each scene and experience it as if in person. The trees, sunlight, water, and mountains are essential characters in her artwork. She also captures representations of everyday life, such as umbrella handles, an old truck, and flowers in the garden. For artists looking for inspiration, Dicksion’s website has a collection of interesting blog posts called “Outside the Lines” as well as hands-on tutorials. Aside from fine art, Dicksion is also a talented graphic artist, web developer, and photographer.

The Colored Pencil Society of America is currently hosting “The Art of Colored Pencil,” which is a gallery exhibit featuring local artists including Dicksion. You can stop by and see the display until October 27th. Please visit her website for more details.


The Art of Colored Pencil

Mercer Island Community & Event Center Gallery

September 11th – October 27th


Still Life With Harley 2017
Vintage Blues 2017
Rhonda Dicksion in her creative element









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