Art Stories: Joanne Shellan

Art is often inspired by stories, whether artists draw from their own interpretation or create something entirely unique. Joanne Shellan, our next featured artist, uses the power of storytelling to connect with her audience. While oil is her preferred media, Shellan also has a natural talent for photography.

Shellan is a Pacific Northwest native. She has been studying the art of painting for nearly twenty years. Inspired by the occurrences of daily life, she masterfully captures local scenes such as cafes, libraries, and rainy streets. She reflects on certain settings and how different subjects fit into each scene. The result is a beautiful composition of light, color, and emotion. While Shellan bases each painting on a unique story, the warmth and depth invites the viewer to form their own interpretation. Her artwork has captured the eye of many viewers, granting her several awards and a private gallery display in the Governor’s Mansion in Olympia, WA from 2012-2013.  

Shellan has a couple upcoming art shows in the Pacific Northwest this fall. Her oil paintings will be featured at the Scott Milo Gallery in November. The Dragonfire Gallery in Cannon Beach, OR  and Angel Gallery in Coeur d’Alene, ID are featuring her artwork as well. You can also visit Shellan’s fine art studio in Kirkland, WA. Please see her website for more details.


Scott Milo Gallery

Anacortes, WA

November 3-28

My Town 2017
The Beating Heart of Somewhere 2017
Joanne Shellan in her creative space