Art Stories: Johann Klaassen

The holidays are just around the corner. We took a short pause from Art Stories due to the busy season, but we’re back this week with a fresh narrative. We’re proud to feature Johann Klaassen, a local landscape photographer, and his stunning images. His artwork effortlessly reflects a keen artistic eye and a sincere passion for nature.

Klaassen was born and raised in Iowa. His love for photography and art began as a young child. He continued to develop and improve his skills throughout his childhood and college years. After graduating from the University of Iowa, Klaassen began to dabble in aerial photography. Thousands of feet in the air, his images offer a unique perspective of the distant landscapes below.  Klaassen gives credit to God for the beautiful views and his artistic talent. He currently resides in the charming town of Brinnon, WA with his family.

For more information, please visit Johann Klaassen’s social media.


West Coast, 2006
Elk Crossing 101, 2017
Port of Angels, 2016