Two Minutes to Better Photos

Two Minutes To Better Photos

Every photographer I’ve ever talked to wants to take better photos. We read blogs and books, attend seminars and trade shows, and seek constructive criticism of our work. These are valuable pursuits to becoming better at our craft, but they tend to distract us from a simple way to get better at what we do: a […]

Canvas Wrap Print Process

Canvas Wrap Print Process

Behind The Scenes – Canvas Wrap Print Process We thought we would share a video that gives a behind the scenes look at our canvas wrap print process. We take great pride in being able to complete all the steps of this process in house and on site. The process begins with a technical check […]

11 Photography Quotes

Every once in a while, it’s helpful to turn to the wisdom of others to find that little extra bit of inspiration and motivation to make better photos. Here’s a few favorite quotes about photography: “Photography is the story I fail to put into words.” — Destin Sparks   “The camera is an instrument that teaches […]

Valentine's Day Sale 25% Off Accent Frames

Valentine’s Day Sale!

  Go beyond chocolates and flowers this Valentine’s Day with the gift of a custom photo Accent Frame! Our Accent Frames are 25% off* through February 15.  Our unique Accent Frames are a sophisticated way to display your images in a variety of sizes and styles. First, we take your image and infuse it onto […]

Bad Weather Camera Gear Tips

Bad Weather Camera Gear Tips

Some of the most interesting photos happen at the least convenient times – early in the morning (sunrise), late in the day (sunset) and/or when the weather is not ideal, as the light at those times is often most dramatic and visually interesting. Here’s a few ideas for protecting your gear in yucky weather as you […]

Photographer Gift Ideas 2015

If you have a photographer in your life, you’ve probably discovered they can be hard to shop for, because 1) the stuff they want can be really, really expensive, or 2) the stuff they want is so specific and particular that they are really the only ones who can decide and make the purchase.  The […]

Finding Inspiration

Finding Inspiration

“How do you find inspiration?” is a pretty common question. A pretty common answer is this quote by Chuck Close, “Inspiration is for amateurs — the rest of us just show up and get to work.” I’ve often used that quote in reply, but didn’t realize there was more said in Chuck Close’s reply, until I […]

There Are No Secrets

As I was doing inspirational research for this blog post, I came across lots of sites offering “secrets” and “tips” or other insider information that would help the reader take better photos. While these posts are good marketing, I don’t think they offer good advice, in the end. Here’s why – there are no secrets to taking […]

How to Photograph Fireworks

How To Photograph Fireworks

Fireworks Photo Recipe for Cameras with Manual Controls: Tripod  Manual focus set to “infinity” or just a little less Manual Exposure ISO: 100-200 Aperture: f 11 Shutter Speed: 2-4 seconds  Take a few test images. If the photo is too bright, choose a shorter (faster) shutter speed. Longer (slower) shutter speeds will result in more […]