Canvas Wrap Print Process

Canvas Wrap Print Process

Behind The Scenes – Canvas Wrap Print Process We thought we would share a video that gives a behind the scenes look at our canvas wrap print process. We take great pride in being able to complete all the steps of this process in house and on site. The process begins with a technical check […]

Robert: Prints Are Tangible

At NW Fine Art Printing, we believe that special images are worth celebrating – which is why we want to print yours! Holding your own image in your hand, whether it originally came from a camera, computer, paint brush or any other medium, is pretty dang cool if you ask us! Talented photographer, Robert, has a […]

I Print Because…

These days, technology has made it so simple for us to take photos and quickly save them to our phones and computers or post them to social media. Your trip to the Grand Canyon with the family? Click, save and post within minutes. Isn’t technology great? We can so easily “capture the moment”, yet those moments or images […]

The Need for Bleed

What is Bleed?­­­­ Bleed is the “safety” space that is added to the actual image print size. Images that are intended to extend to the edge of the product must be extended beyond the actual print size to give a bleed. When do we need Bleed? We use a small amount of bleed in printing […]